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"creating wildlife art"

Fidalgo Taxidermy LLC

Garth and Tami will be retiring after the end of the 2023 hunting season.

It has been an awesome, busy and fulfilling 38 years! 

We will miss all of you, our “clients”.  Really you have been more like our extended family. 

We have so enjoyed all the visits and hunting stories exchanged.  Garth is going to miss all that. Watching all the young parents bring their kids in, who are now all grown up and bringing in their kids has just been the best for Tami! 

Amanda is starting a new carrier.  Keep your eyes out you might see her around the county! 


Be sure to print off the skinning guide and keep it with your knife.  Your next taxidermist will greatly apricate it. 


THANK YOU ALL so much for making Fidalgo Taxidermy what it is.  With out all of you, awesome, clients/friends Fidalgo Taxidermy wouldn't have been.  We couldn't have done it with out you, in more ways then one.

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